Family Law

  • Engagement of the deterioration caused by the financial and moral compensation cases, 
  • Completing the case concerning the marriage (marriage conditions, as long as the abolition of violence cases) 
  • Marriage annulment of operations or the absence of such cases, 
  • Divorce cases,
  • Preparation of contracts related to property regimes, Contribution will share case, 
  • Required by law on the protection of family cases, 
  • And personal relationship of a lawsuit demanding custody facility, 
  • The cases of child support (alimony demand, increasing litigation support, alimony, etc. Lowering the case), 
  • Spouse alimony benefit (temporary alimony, child support poverty), 
  • Family housing correction to one of the wives of the case, 
  • Help alimony proceedings, 
  • Establishment of kinship cases (denial of kinship case, recognition and paternity cases), 
  • Adoption proceedings arising from
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